June 2009


Fish and Ships!

For all you real Sailors, here is further information on, the ship spotting site that may be of interest to you.

MSC CAROUGE IMO: 9320441 is brought to you by a group of enthusiasts which shows live vessel movements from around the Irish Sea (and further!) derived from (AIS) "Automatic Identification System" data, click on the map to see the individual ships, their statistics and photos

AIS is a system that ships use to communicate their positions to each other as part of the global maritime safety system. From December 2004, all ships over 300 tonnes must carry an AIS system which broadcasts information about the ship to any suitably equipped receiver.

You will be able to see a radar-like real-time map of all the large ships manoeuvring in your area together with information about their destination, estimated time of arrival and even the dimensions of each vessel.

The site also has two webcams with good live images of the ships passing by the entrance to the Mersey River.

The 'what's new' link at the bottom of the page gives you an overview of how to use the site. Click on a ship and sail away!

Note: the IMO number can be used as the search criteria on other ship photo sites. e.g. IMO: 9320441 = MSC CAROUGE. Try this on