Press Article

Jan 2010


A bit chilly round the Baltics!

Our resident 'Jazzsmith' has recently returned from a stint being a real sailor and promoting the tent!

Bobby Kemp writes:

'I just got back from my first successful cruise gigs around the Baltic sea, guesting with Swedish renowned band 'The Stefan Andersson band'. Stefan's a top jazz drummer, who has toured with the Count Basie band and done all sorts of celeb. type shows in Sweden, for people such as ABBA (who, of course, live nearby). Anyway, the pic may qualify for the 'highest level of commitment' - you'll note I just have on the T- shirt (with jacket over), and temps. were around -15 C in Stockholm that day!! By the way, the blurry image in the background is the ship itself - 'Silja Galaxy' - it's a real monster with over 900 cabins'.

Thanks for the pics Bobby!

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