Press Release

July 2018

A Tale of Two Tents

The doctor said we were ‘two tents’ and prescribed a big dose of slap-stick comedy to relax. Sailors Beware tent of Hyde welcomed Brats tent of Sheffield to our July meeting of Laurel and Hardy laughter, which was also a celebration of Brats’ 30th University!! A great night of food and merriment was enjoyed by all. Landlord of the Cheshire Ring Wayne Taylor provided a most excellent beef or chicken curry with starters and breads for everyone. Real ale was flowing and a packed room of Sons of the Desert enjoying films of the Boys made for a night to remember. To cement the tents ‘twinning’, Sailors Beware Grand Sheikh Graeme Green presented Brats Grand Sheikh Kevin Hepplestone with a golden pineapple with the inscription ‘Two Tents without a single thought!’

Anyone who fancies a night of medicinal mirth are welcome. Sailors Beware meet on the last Thursday of the month at the Cheshire Ring in Hyde (opposite Aldi).