Press Article

September 2011


Al fresco fraternity!

Oh what a night, late September back in.... 2011. Can there be a better way for a Tent to enjoy the Boys films than in the open air, drinking real ales in the beer garden on a balmy evening. Our Grand Sheik Graeme Green spotted the potential of the beer garden at our venue some months ago. The gable end of the pub is whitewashed and presented a great projection screen. For our September meeting the snap hot weather made the conditions perfect to swing his plan into action. Projector set up with external audio system, garden tables and chairs arranged to suit. When our members arrived they were taken aback to be shown out the back door! But how their faces changed, and what an excellent evening was had by all. The picture was small cinema size and passengers on trains that pass by just behind the pub must have done a 'Finn' double take to see Stan's face beaming at them! Nothing but praise from our tent members and other punters that came to see what was going on. Definitely a night to be repeated.

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