Press Article

June 2014


Another Fine Fest!

The Sailors set out on the iron rails on Saturday 14th of June to attend the inaugural Another Fine Fest day in Ulverston. Twas a mighty fine day out and the weather played ball to boot. On reaching Lancaster to change iron horses we were informed by the railway company that there would be an hour delay, so we decamped to the Merchants Cellar Bar just below the famous castle for a couple of libations before the onward trip.

On Arriving in Ulverston we hot-footed it to the Stan Laurel pub where we met up with Monsieur Blackie and family for din-din's and very good it was too! The Landlady even recognised us from our previous visits, so after a great lunch and a long chat it was off into town to partake in the days events. The town was packed with visitors all enjoying the sunshine and entertainment which came in all shapes and sizes including live street theatre, bands and craft stalls, some of which had more affinity to Stan and his birthday than others.

Later in the afternoon we all met up at the museum to watch Lucky Dogs Production of Hats Off about the life and times of Stan and Ollie which we all enjoyed, the only problem being the wheat infusioned drinks had starting taking there toll and heads were beginning to nod by this stage! From the museum a star break manoeuvre was instigated with tent members revisiting the towns delights including Amigo's, the Mexican restaurant, where they were holding a fiesta party with live bands, food and drinks.

A great time was had by all with all our new friends and amigo's hearing about the Sailors Tent from Hyde and a promise of a return in 2015.