Press Article

August 2012



Brats 'n' Badges!

On Monday August 13th we set sail to visit our friends at the Brats Tent in Sheffield. Via a lovely scenic route alongside Woodhead Pass reservoirs we arrived at the New Crown Inn venue. A warm welcome was received from a very well attended meeting. We presented Grand Sheik Kevin Hepplestone with a Sailors Beware T shirt and some badges for other members of the Brats Tent, to which Kevin replied "badges, we don't need no stinking badges!" We were relieved to learn that this is an often used comedy line from cinema and not a rebuff!! We were treated to an excellent night of Laurel and Hardy, Sailors Beware was shown in our honour, we were asked to join in the loyal toast which they extend to include anything from a film of the Boys (good excuse to drink more we thinks!!), a rousing rendition of 'We Are The Sons of the Desert', we were then presented with a bottle of Rampant Gryphon and Shut Thi Gob ale. Cheers to you Brats, a top tent and excellent hosts.