Press Release

August 2009



Canal Cruise and Ollie too!

Monday, August 31st saw a large party of Sailors cruising up and down the Peak Forest canal aboard the Staley Rose - the boat specially commissioned by the Sailors Beware tent for the Bank Holiday voyage. With real ale being served on board the trip was a sell out!

As the ship nosed out of Portland Basin Marina, Ollie (Grand Sheik Graeme Green) raised the footbridge to allow the boat through and promptly got his tie caught in the gears, a comical moment that had passers-by smiling. Passengers were then treated to a ‘goody bag’ each which they were delighted to find contained a hard boiled egg and nuts! Later, in true helpful style, Ollie stood on the roof of the boat giving orders as the Staley Rose turned about for the return journey. One lady walking along the tow path shouted ‘I know you, you’re Charlie Chaplin!’ …….Doh!

The trip was a huge success with a quiz, buffet and much singing with our resident ‘Avalon Boys’, Bobby Kemp and Mick Kirby. It’s very relaxing chugging along at 4mph, drinking fine ale having a laugh and chat with good friends. The Sailors Beware! cruise may well become an annual event in the tent calendar

Sing-along Honolulu Baby movie clip