Press Article

December 2014



A Christmas Cracker at Saffron

Sailors Beware had a Christmas Cracker of a night at Saffron in Hyde this year. Master Brewer Dave brought a selection of specially prepared ales for the occasion - Laurel Laughter, Mae Busch Light Ale, Charlie Hall's Tipple and Ollie's Head Cracker which flowed freely!! The curry was excellent and the banter was simply spiffing! Rousing renditions of Laurel and Hardy classics and the loyal toast had other diners joining in! Added this year was the round the table toast, borrowed from our friends at Brats Tent in Sheffield, where each person in turn proposes a toast to someone or anything to do with Stan and Babe, the gathering soon resembled a scene from Blotto!!

Grand Sheik Graeme Green commented 'the ale was brewtastic, every bottle I opened exploded into a foam fountain... "Let it foam, let it foam, I'm the one with the the rice and sag aloo"... (something to do with frozen, apparently!)

Book early for next year, it's a cracker of a night out!