Press Release

May 2011



Going Cuckoo

The Sailors Beware Tent of Hyde answered the call of the cuckoos on Saturday 21st May when we visited Cuckoo Land at Tabley in Knutsford. What a collection of clocks this is! It really is gob smacking - wall to wall, floor to ceiling with cuckoo clocks. Brothers Roman and Maz are very knowledgeable about every clock they have and are delighted to explain the history of each clock, how they work etc. Also housed are some impressive fairground organs that are wonderfully loud and get your feet tapping straight away. Ulver-Stan and Georgia-Babe just could not resist the vibrations and performed an impromptu dance routine to the delight of onlookers. Vintage cars and motorcycles are also an attraction at the museum and when news got around that Laurel and Hardy were to visit, Richard Jones brought along his 1927 Morris Oxford Flatnose Coupe. This certainly made the day extra special for the Tent. We highly recommend a visit to this museum, you will not be disappointed!