Press Release

July 2007


Grand Day for a White Wedding

It is with great pleasure that Sailors Beware Tent 262 can announce the wedding of Alan Chinner AKA “Sheik in Charge of Vice” to his betrothed sweetheart Jackie; the event took place on Saturday 7th July on a lovely Sunny Hydonian afternoon at St Georges Church in the Principality.  The couples close family and friends were all in attendance including the Grand Sheik and Grand Vizier of Tent 262, the couple then spent a splendid afternoon and evening celebrating their happy day with a Champion (sorry Champagne) reception and intimate soirée.

Tent 262 wants to extend its best wishes to the happy couple, and wishing them a long and happy life together.

Sailors Beware also want to announce that shares in the Great British Horse Collar Company have rocketed in the past couple of days and that the market is looking to be in the ascendancy. (A Grand Day All Round)