Press Article

February 2010




On a cold 12th of February night a gallant band of Cheshire Ring regulars including your Grand Sheik travelled to exotic Denton in Greater Manchester to attend a guided brewery tour of the Hornbeam Brewery based in the old Moores Hat factory on the outskirts of town.

The Hornbeam Brewery was established in July 2007 by Kevin Rothwell (a former teacher) who has been brewing beers since his youth and has now perfected a range of superior quality and distinctive cask ales.

A full night of quaffing and questions was enjoyed by all with the highlight being a full informative talk on the brewing process as perfected by Hornbeam; Kevin invited the assembled group to smell, taste and feel the component ingredients during the twenty minute presentation and also invited questions from the group.

Having being enlightened by the alchemy of “Buttonised water” and starch, sugar and enzymes, we re-convened in the snug bar to thoroughly test the output from Hornbeam Vats. We accomplished this task with some aplomb, (i.e. we drank the bar dry) and the buffet was also devoured with gusto.

All the group enjoyed a fascinating evening of great beer, good food and chat and came away with a greater appreciation for the age old brewing process and the skill and care required to produce craft brews of the quality of Hornbeams ales.



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