Press Release

May 2009



Laurel and Charlie

On an otherwise uneventful Wednesday night the Sailors ventured out to Hyde Festival Theatre to attend a performance of Laurel and Charlie performed by the Badapple Theatre Company.

Well, what a treat was had by all who attended. The performance was delivered in fine comic style with some great comic moments and skits, and because the set was compact and the arena was small, this gave the actors an ideal opportunity to interact with the audience which they did to the delight of the assembled front row.

Both Colin Moncrieff (Stan) and Mat Urey (Charlie) played there roles with great comic timing and energy, in fact in the rather warm atmosphere of the Madge Bayes Hall, you could almost see the pounds being shed by the boys as they fought, balanced and danced there way through the plays various scenes.

We had the opportunity to chat to the actors post show and they explained that they had performed the play earlier in the month at the Laurel and Hardy Convention in Ulverston, on which they commentated that the Sons of the Desert members where a great set of guys and they really enjoyed playing the gig and getting involved in all the banter and frivolity post performance.

A big hat off to the Badapple Theatre Company for bringing professional theatre to the heart of smaller towns and cities, and with performances like this I’m sure the company will make great successes of their innovative strategy.

Play scenario - Stan and Charlie find themselves trapped in a run-down boarding house, penned in by their rent-hungry landlord. With their show cancelled and no money to pay the rent they turn to ever more hilarious means to escape! 

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