Press Article

September 2013



Sons of the Desert and a Sailor in Liverpool

Well, it was on a sunny Saturday morning, I got up early, put on my best tweed suit waist coat, and dusted off my best fez and headed towards Liverpool for the new show, 'Sons of The Desert'. I was very excited hoping for a really good show. I wasn’t disappointed - it was a great play. I was seated in the stalls six rows from the front. The play started with some 30’s-style music, the curtains opened, and an actor, who was very “Eric Morcombe-esq” came on and started to introduce the show. It was like being transported back to old music hall days. The first half was full of little skits, and “the Boys” did a few of their songs, etc. I won't to say more in case others want to see it. After a 15-minute interval, the main event started. With baited breath and fez on I leaned forward and wasn’t disappointed; the play was brilliant--a juxtoposition of film and live action and very clever sets. If you get a chance to go, see it as soon as you can. After the show I was stopped by the Production Manager and had a nice chat with him. I then waited at the side door to meet the actors who played the Boys. That was excellent: they were very kind and we had a nice chat about the play and playing the Boys. All in all, it was a great day.

Alan Chinner AKA Ulver-Stan