Press Release

August 2010



Sailors find oar down mine!

Tuesday 3rd August saw a party of 14 Sailors visit Wood Mine in Alderley Edge. It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip as the intrepid party squeezed their way through the old mine workings, reminiscent of Stan and Babe in 'The Second Hundred Years'! The guide was excellent as he explained the history of copper ore mining in the area and the working conditions for the miners whilst taking us through some tight tunnels! (When he asked 'are you game for a bit of crawling along?' he wasn't kidding!) Fossilised trees on river beds were seen on the cavern ceilings and the tectonic fault line that extends from Didsbury to Wilmslow was clearly visible. It was exciting and fascinating at the same time. When the party eventually emerged from the mine some two hours later the unanimous verdict was 'BRILLIANT!'

A big thank you goes to Paul Rhoades for organising the trip. A longer five hour trip (part of which involves sailing in an underground boat) was proposed for the future.

For further information on the mines the Derbyshire Caving Club website.