Press Release

April 2018

Perfect Sandwiches

Ulver-Stan and Georgia-Babe were out to do a spot of shopping on Friday April 27th and make a donation to the Sandwich Angels for their great work supplying sandwiches for the homeless of Tameside and Greater Manchester. Sailors Beware, Oasis #262 of the world-wide Laurel and Hardy Sons of the Desert fraternity, meet every last Thursday of the month to watch films, have a great laugh with fellow slap-stick comedy fans, and raise monies for local and national charities. Grand Sheik Graeme Green said “we heard about the wonderful work the Sandwich Angels do in Tameside and surrounding area we decided we just had to support them”. Georgia Babe added, “after our disaster in ‘Perfect Day’ when all the butties ended up on the floor, we thought we would leave it to the experts!!”.

Sailors Beware have raised and distributed almost 10,000 over recent years. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the fun with us at meetings.

If you would like to support the Sandwich Angels or help in any way see their facebook page or donate food items at Morrisons Store in Hyde.


The Boys up the down escalator!

A Bit of a Fiery presentation!