Press Release

December 2010



Putting Pants On Philip

On the 4th of December with the temperature well "Below Zero" a charity evening in aid of the "The Darcie Holmes WALKING TO HAPPINESS fund" was in full swing (pardon the pun) when Ulver-Stan and Georgia-Babe arrived to present a donation from the Sailors Beware Tent 262. The evening was billed as a ladies night featuring local lads doing the Full Monty and waiters in G Strings, which was indeed the sight that greeted the boys on entering the Audenshaw club, as a young waiter was summoned to a nearby table to take a drinks order from a group of glamorous girls.

The event was organised by Victoria Holmes to raise money towards the sum of £45,000 to send Darcie, a two year old girl from Hyde, to the St Louis Children's Hospital in Missouri America for an operation to correct the spasticity in her muscles, which will enable Darcie to walk, run and dance without constantly falling over and to dispense with the walking aids she currently has to use.

On cue, Ulver-Stan and Georgia-Babe presented a cheque to Victoria for the sum of £200 along with best wishes from all the members of Tent 262 for Darcie and for the success of future fund raising events in raising the total needed to enable her operation to proceed.

As the Full Monty was due on stage following the Sailors cheque presentation, the boys bid a swift farewell pondering if one of the waiters they had encountered earlier that night may have been christened Philip!

Video of cheque presentation