Press Release

December 2010



Sailors Theatre Passion

Sailors Beware Tent #262 took part in a Gala Day on Saturday December 4th to promote the Theatre Royal Hyde. Theatre Royal Onward are a group set up to save, restore and re-open the theatre for the people of Hyde, Tameside and the North West. The Cotton Bale pub in Hyde, part of the JDWetherspoon chain, have adopted the theatre as their community project and this is where information, archives, photographs, plans etc. were on display for people to view at the all day event. Sailors Beware provided entertainment and slapstick to amuse the crowds, singing and dancing in the aisles!

Sailors Beware are passionate supporters of the theatre. We would love to bring the UK Convention to Hyde with the theatre and Laurel and Hardy on the big screen as the highlights of the weekend.

The theatre is a magnificent Grade 2 listed building. More information is available at