Press Release

December 2007


Shine on Georgia Moon and Susan Hulme

Sailors Beware Tent 262 was proud to have been able to support a recent charity event by providing the backing track for a Laurel & Hardy Dance routine performed in the once owned BAE Club in Preston Lancashire on the 7th of December this year. Dancers Georgia Moon and Susan Hulme who work for BAE SYSTEMS performed the routine as part of a charity evening in aid of the MacMillan Nurses appeal, a charity BAE SYSTEMS have supported for the past twelve months.

Georgia went on to say about the night, "Our 'Laurel and Hardy' routine was top secret which added to the impact of the act. Sue and I did the song and dance routine exactly as the video of the famous pair in 'Way Out West'. Hopefully we didn't shame them or their fans, the audience seemed to love it and we got a standing ovation, which made all the practices, sleepless nights and horrendous nerves we felt prior to our performance worthwhile".

Sailors Beware also donated to the very worthwhile charity. Well done girls!!!