Press Release

September 2010


Spa Town Spirit

What an excellent day this was. Sailors Beware travelled over to Buxton to see 'Laurel and Hardy', the first production at the brand new Pavilion Arts Centre on Saturday 25th September. Setting off from Hyde mid afternoon, the early autumn sun was shining giving the scenery in the derbyshire hills a beautiful wash of colour. Arriving in Buxton the crew decided to spend the afternoon taking in the many attractions Buxton has to offer. A relaxing pub meal and a pint of ale is a good start! A member of the party mentioned that a horse named Below Zero was running at Chester that afternoon so the party all chipped in £2 and a bet was placed.

The party then split up and we wandered around the Pavilion Gardens which could be a setting straight out of Men o' War. Another hostelry for more liquid followed. As the evening drew in, a coffee at a small cafe was welcome and we resisted (just) the temptation to order 'soda, soda and soda!' A well spring in the centre of town was the scene of some hilarity as the Grand sheik and Grand Vizier tasted the spa water. The duo then posed as part of the fountain, water espewing from their mouths, leading passers by wondering if there was 'something in the water' ala Them Thar Hills!

Finally it was time to take our seats for the show. It was brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable. The portrayals of our heroes was superb. Tom McGrath's play has a clever script as the boys reminisce about their careers. Simon Lloyd as Ollie was excellent but taking the prize for me was Neil Bromley's Stan. He got the mannerisms and facial expressions just perfect. Highlights of the show were the Soda scene from 'Men o' War' and the opening scene from 'Towed in a Hole' as they plan to start their own business. The sadness felt at the end as the boys passed on was quickly replaced by a standing ovation for a fantastic performance and for the wonderful wealth of comedy Stan and Babe left us.

And guess what, Below Zero came in 3rd at 12-1, so the party went home having doubled their money!