Press Release

July 2017

Stanley Was There!

Sailors Beware had a special guest and new member join us at our July meeting. Stanley Pritchard works with tent member Mark ‘sparky’ Hughes and has for some time been telling him that he saw the ‘Boys’ at Manchester Hippodrome in November 1953 when he was a young lad. He lived two minutes away from the theatre at the time and his mum bought tickets for him, his brother and herself to go and see them. He remembered clearly that, although it was only a two minute walk to the theatre it took half an hour to get in as the crowds outside were so big!! To see stars from the screen was a big occasion and laurel and Hardy certainly drew the crowds. He remembered Hardy coming on first and a little while later Stanley coming on sweeping up. Stanley has loved the comedy duo all his life and was delighted to come along and share his story and enjoy watching classic films with fellow Sons of the Desert.