Press Release

July 2010



Sunnyside Sailors

Sailors Beware Tent #262 brought sunshine and laughter to Sunnyside Care Home in Droylsden on Sunday July 11th. A large crowd lapped up the comedy antics of Ulver-Stan and Georgia-Babe as they entertained with myrth and magic. In between the showing of two classic films, Mae (seen front row with lei) and all the residents joined in the sing-along of 'Honolulu Baby' with Stan and Babe performing a comic dance. The show ended with a rendition of the boys hit Trail Of The Lonesome Pine.

Georgia-Babe (aka Grand Shiek Graeme Green) said "It's really pleasing to see the residents having a good time. It's well known that laughter is the best medicine and we are delighted to be able to entertain whilst having a great time ourselves! As Mae said at the end, Laurel and Hardy are the best... ever!"