Press Release

August 2009


The Fiddle and the Bow

The show returns to Hyde on Saturday October 20th 2012. Click here for details.

This was a special night. Andrew Craig Shepherd gave an absolutely spellbinding performance of his new play at the Cheshire Ring on August 6th. Andrew had the audience hanging on his every word. We laughed and cried and cried laughing. His mannerisms and characterisations were a delight and his knowledge and detail of the Boys impressive.

Andrew is an actor with a lot of talent who should go far with this production. I'm sure the Sons of the Desert will support his dream of taking his play around the country. I am also sure his dream will become reality based on his performance last night. Thank you, Andrew, for a wonderful evening.

The bowler collection after the show raised £106.58 which has been donated to the charity of Andrew's choice - CANCER RESEARCH UK.

Tameside Radio covered the event - to listen, click on a link.

Part 1 The exitement builds        
Part 2 The curtain goes up         Part 3 After the show