Press Release

May 2008


Way Out Wigan

On the 3rd of May 2008 Sailors Beware sent a delegation of four (Waine, Kev, Lesley and myself) to the UK Convention, held in Wigan, organised by the Bacongrabbers Tent. Fans of Laurel and Hardy came from far and wide including Europe and America to attend so we were in great company.

We were entertained by watching Laurel and Hardy Films in the company of other fans, and your very own Grand Sheik took part in the annual - Kneesie-Earsie-Nosey competition, but was disqualified with a rather dubious decision of having a feather in my bowler.

Scholarly words from author John de Santo, artist Lucy Southward and cartoon researcher supremo Antony Mitchell-Waite were delivered, plus Jean Darling recited from her booklet entitled 'A Trip to Roach's' which was specially written for the convention and which was also on sale in the main hall.

A jigsaw puzzle was bravely tackled by conventioneers and (a surprise ending!) it was eventually discovered that there was no missing piece. Doh!

On the Saturday evening of the convention the new Sailors Beware Banner was unfurled in the hotel lobby with great noises of appreciation and much photo taking. All in all a good time was had by all.

Before departure Marion Grave urged us to go to Grange-over-Sands and Ulverston for next year's UK Convention, to be hosted jointly by the Berth Marks Tent and the Chickens Come Home Tent.