Oasis #262     Est. 2006

Official Laurel and Hardy Tent at the Cheshire Ring, 72 Manchester Road, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 2BJ.


Charity Sailors

Part of what our tent is all about is supporting charities. Ulver-Stan and Georgia-Babe accompanied by Fingers-Finn performed at 'A Performance for Peter' on December 3rd 2016 in aid of Willow Wood. A great night and successful fundraiser!
Another Fine Fest!!

Another Fine Fest takes place on Saturday 17th June this year. Any sailors thinking of going let us know and we can arrange to travel together. Return Saturday or stay over for the street party on the Sunday!!
See website or facebook for more information.

Our next film night
Thursday, April 27th!


This month's films

Finley is Fighting Fit!

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Xmas at Adnan's

Ulver-Stan and Georgia
Babe bowling for
Red Nose Day

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Theatre Royal Campaign

Simon's Harlem Shuffle!

Another Fine Fest!

...and what will you have Stanley?
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