March 2023

To Elland Back!

February 2023

Sailors Support The Together Centre

December 2022


November 2021

Your Tent Your Tameside

May 2021

Stan and Ollie Film Fun

June 2020

Ken Runyan's Marvellous Models!

February 2020

Lottery Delight

January 2020

Hats off to CAT

December 2019

Stan and Ollie Light Up Christmas!!

November 2019

Tri-Tent Treat!!

October 2019

Halloween Fun!

July 2019

Hyde Fundraisers Fun!

June 2019

Sailors support The Anthony Seddon Fund

June 2019
On Top of the World

May 2019

Hyde Rotary Donation

April 2019

Brilliant in Barcelona

January 2019

The Music Box

January 2019
Another Nice Film

December 2018

Jolly Holly Stan and Ollie

October 2018

Brats at 30

October 2018

When George met The Boys

September 2018

One Good Turn

September 2018

Black Knight and The Boys

July 2018

A Tale of Two Tents

April 2018

Perfect Sandwiches!

July 2017

Stanley Was There!

June 2017

Big Charity 10k!

December 2016

Charity Sailors

November 2016

Finley is Fighting Fit!

December 2015

Xmas at Adnan's
January 2015   Hats off to Strawberry Beret!
December 2014   A Christmas Cracker at Saffron
November 2014   Double Trouble
November 2014   Welcome Alexandra and Kristian
October 2014   Simon's Harlem Shuffle
June 2014   Another Fine Fest!
April 2014   Mottram Mayhem!
November 2013   Nimrod the Great Hunter Unearths Signed Treasure
September 2013   Sons of the Desert and a Sailor in Liverpool
September 2013   Laurel and Hardy at Hyde Heritage Day
October 2012   Another Fine Success
October 2012   Shine On Hyde
August 2012   Brats 'n' Badges!
April 2012   The Great Boat Pull for The Christie
March 2012   Precinct Pranks
September 2011   Al fresco fraternity
September 2011   Royal Laurel and Hardy
July 2011   A Head Start for Mason
July 2011   Helping Finley
July 2011   We Did Like That!
July 2011   A Sea of Pink!
May 2011   Birthday Sailors
May 2011   Going Cuckoo
May 2011   Coffey Morning
December 2010   Some Like It Hot
December 2010   Sailors Theatre Passion
December 2010   Putting Pants On Philip
October 2010   Them Thar Mossley Hills
September 2010   Spa Town Spirit
September 2010   Sailors on Parade
August 2010
Sailors find oar down mine
July 2010   Sunnyside Sailors
June 2010   Clare has a Laurel Laughs!
February 2010   Hornbeaming!
January 2010   A bit chilly round the Baltics!
November 2009   Sailors in the Community
August 2009   Canal Cruise and Ollie too!
August 2009   Hollywood Walk of Fame
August 2009   A Sailor in New York
August 2009   The Fiddle and The Bow
July 2009   Willow Wood Midnight Patrol
May 2009   Laurel and Charlie
April 2009   A Perfect Day
April 2009   Easter Hunt
March 2009   Red Noses and Raffles
February 2009   Welcome Hattie Mae
January 2009   Bowled Over by Big Christmas Frieze
August 2008   Towed in a Windy Hole
June 2008   ...and what will you have Stanley?
June 2008   Raining Champions
May 2008   Way Out Wigan
April 2008   Another Fine Mess
April 2008   Hats Off to Handforth Haven
February 2008   A Swinging Fundraiser
December 2007   Shine on Georgia Moon and Susan Hulme
November 2007   Big Business at Buxton
July 2007

  Chuffed at Churnet Valley
July 2007

  Grand Day for a White Wedding

May 2007

  Sailors support Theatre Royal
April 2007

  A Damp Day in Ulverston
September 2006

  Lords of the Ring
May 2006

  Brewing up a laughter tonic!